Chris Sturmer


BIAWA Member assessed for:

  • Building Dispute Inspections

Chris Sturmer Reg BuilderĀ 11653

Chris Sturmer is a registered builder and registered building practitioner with over 25 years hands on experience in the residential commercial and industrial construction sectors.

For the last 9 years Chris has been one of the six building inspectors employed by the Building Commission formerly the Builders Registration Board. In this role Chris was responsible for:

  • The random surveillance of residential and commercial buildings under construction throughout the state
  • Inspection and reporting on building defects the subject of dispute
  • Technical analysis and assessment of evidence relating to building issues in dispute
  • Attendance at the State Administrative Tribunal as an expert witness.

Chris provides expertise which can

  • Identify building defects
  • Inspect and provide a technical analysis and
  • Provide an objective report structured to appropriately address the requirements of dispute resolution.